Dreams of Ice and Madness

Missed Plays

This is a rough outline to remind myself of the storyline elements and updates that I have been slacking on, in hopes I can go back and write them up at some point…

June 16

Crossing from the mountains to the plains, the companions learned the dangers of the snow-covered wastes. In addition to the difficulty of pushing ahead through the snow, the mist making navigation difficult, it slowly came to light that something else was at work here. Marks of dangerous elementals burrowing through the earth reminded them that animals alone were not the only dangers. They avoided a frozen lake for fear of what might lie beneath, and perhaps brazenly examined a cavern, only to discover and flee from a denning dire leopard. Things grew strangest when they discovered a ghost village of sorts. Aided by a ghostly apparition of a master blacksmith, it seemed the village had been destroyed by a powerful druid. Amidst their investigation, a trio of tribespeople came upon them, and after some tenative negotiation agreed to travel together. Once out on the road, in the middle of the night, the ‘people’ revealed their true faces – Jackals who could change into men, expecting a quick meal. Thankfully, forethought had blessed the companions with silver weapons to drive off the attackers.

June 23

Left behind ruined barbarian village, encountered giant cliff leading up to plateau. Surrounded by gnolls – Not exactly friendly, but seem interested in taking them to their village, having foreseen their arrival. Priests and Chief seek the guidance of Naidora on how to deal with the increasingly harsh demands of Auril. After consideration, the explorers decide to go with old shaman’s advice, and journey to a hidden shrine and recover buried artifacts tied to the tribe’s old patron, a demon prince known as Yeenoghu. Attacked inside by the shrine’s guardians, then attacked outside by an Auril-loyal huntress, they managed to bring the relics back and avoid becoming new sacrifices, hopefully spiting Auril in the process.

July 2?

Traveled beyond Gnoll village. Richard, Jolan investigate strange bloodsnow cloud. Encountered horses afflicted with the Wylding; Killed one, kept two. Journeyed further to discover a frost worm carcass, and then gates of a large city. Explored the abandoned trade outpost and discovered another group of tribes-people apparently killed by The Haunt. Discovered airship dock, mostly non-wylding afflicted horse herd living out of stables in market square. Descended into central structure and discovered workshop, apparently sabotaged via ice-based magical objects and spells. Upon removing these wardings, released a powerful fire being calling itself The Efreet.

July 7

Richard reunited with party in trade city; discussions with Efreet, rested at the temple of Kord to recover from wounds infliicted by the Hyenas. Traveled north towards dwarven workshops, beset by frost Folk.

July 14th:

Dispatched Entombed, explored workshop, travelled north through blizzard. Thoqqua urged movement ove rcaution in blizzard, stumbled upon ancient ‘sun dwelling’.


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