Lianna Rimedaughter

A priestess of a wounded goddess, striving for answers about her relationship with the divine.


Lianna is a tough example of a tough breed, humans who have grown up in the south. She gets a strong muscle tone, middleweight build and sharp eyes from her father, and her simple grace, personal insight and plain-yet-pretty looks from her mother. Short blonde hair mostly stays out of the way, and her deep blue eyes and features imply an age beyond her years. If Lianna has any shortcomings, they likely aren’t physical – unless one thinks poorly of the imperfection on her left arm, a large ragged pale-white triangle with a spiral in its center she makes no effort to hide.

Party Role

It may be that the broadest, toughest, and arguably the most rewarding role in the party rests on Lianna’s shoulders. Divine Spells can play a huge part in the survival of the companions, with Lianna’s gifts providing food, warmth, and protection against the weather and monsters of the frostfell. Quick healing when time is short, special powers of great utility to the tundra travelers, and blessings for herself and the party in the heat of combat make Lianna incredibly versatile. However, they also place the burden of spell selection in her hands. Play Lianna if you want to make important choices about how you help your allies amidst personal struggle with the nature of the gods.


Lianna’s place in the world arose from her parents. Born in a rare permanent trading post in the nomadic plains of The Harsh, She learned of the Goddess Hleid and her role as a Priestess from her mother, and of the natural world outside and expert woodcraft from her Father, a trapper. They have not, however, been Lianna’s only influences.

She has always felt the subtle sense that other things have reached out for her – The ways of animals and the mountains while hunting with her father. The voices of the community and the stirring life of warriors passing through town when with her mother. Subtle signs seemed to guide her through the worst of life in The Harsh, until her family’s protection seemed to end abruptly.

First came The Cult. Iborighu’s followers swept across The Harsh, murdering their rival deitiy’s followers. Lianna’s mother was not spared from their inquisition. Before she could bring herself to accept the loss, fate would come for her father just after she reached adulthood. Attacked and murdered by unnaturally savage beasts while trapping in the woods, it was all Lianna could do to withdraw and sullenly share her blessings with the post. As winters grew worse, she was needed more and more, taking her mind off of the past – yet forcing her to wonder if Hleid was behind the worsening winters and the fate of her parents.

Only recently has the chance to seek an answer appeared. Weeks ago, something called out to Lianna in her dreams – A shard of Hleid, a piece of the shattered god in need of aid. At first unsure what to do, the presence, buried deep within cerulean ice, claimed that it, and others like it, knew the truth of the ever worsening winter – And that soon, the time would come when even their knowledge could not change the fate of the world. Convinced by this urgency, Lianna gathered the precious heirlooms of her mother and father and set out north, hoping she would be in time to assist the shard and recieve it’s answers to her questions.

Goals, Choices and Questions

Lianna seeks out answers from Hleid, but also has her ears open for the signs and portents of… something else that she has felt now and then throughout her life. Unable to shake the feeling that something other than the snow goddess wishes to reach her, she’s also not sure if Hleid is to blame for her family’s fate. She does unerringly know that the cult of Iborighu and others like them must be stopped – But which guiding voices Lianna should follow is not so black and white.


Adaptive Faith

Prayer of Preparation

Weapons of the Gods

Lianna Rimedaughter

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