Harlan Ber'Garde

As Tribal Champion, he has realized he cannot simply worry for his village - If his people are to survive, he must destroy the Winter itself.


Harlan’s Journal

Harlan is not a leader of his people entirely by accident. Just over six feet tall with wavy, shoulder length Auburn hair, Harlan’s voice and stock lend him a presence that is both physical and social. Old by the standards of the waste, Harlan is still a strong and sturdy soul because of, not in spite of, his 30 years in the Vale. As the Tribe only crafts iron, most of his gear is exceptional for his people – His chainmail and scimitar are steel relics from the exodus, passed down among the Tribe’s guardians, although he has a hard time wielding the latter over his piercing club, fashioned from the Smilodon skull of another tribe’s patron animal. Like any smart tribesman, Harlan wears heavy bear furs over his armor, but also sports the best cold-weather gear his tribe can produce made from soft, dark caribou leather.

Party Role

Harlan is an experienced warrior, trained to defend himself and his allies against all comers, before tearing loose and destroying wearied opponents. He is the party member who can fight two wolves at once, smashing their noses on his shield and coming out alive. Play Harlan if you want to leap into battle and stand fast against hordes and giants alike, protecting your allies with skill and ferocity.


Harlan stood through The Thaw, growing up as hope returned to his nomadic Everfrost tribe, the People of the Iron Bear. His families cousin to the Chieftan, it was inevitable he would become one of the guardians, trained as a warrior from youth and finding influence for his ferocity in the icy wasteland just outside the tent flaps, and beyond the warm circles of the tribe’s bonfires – The wild might of the animals of the central waste.

Harlan’s majority came during the height of the thaw, and he saw the jubilance that warmth brought. The promise of crops, a possible end to trudging across the wastes chasing the herds of livestock, or journeys up into the mountains to forage what few foods would grow in the wilds, and an end to the inevitable reliance on grain, shipped down into the Vale by the Elves.

As the frost returned, Harlan’s life became damage control. Scarce resources. A crisis of faith in Ursal, the Tribe’s patron deity tied to Vatun. He championed both wars with other tribes, and defense against the monstrous creatures of the wastes, until at age 25 he was named Ber’Garde, the Tribe’s Champion.

As the world around him and even within his tribe turn to the worship of monsters, deities less true than indifferent Vatun, and selfish goals, Harlan has decided that if he is to save his people, the Thaw must come again, and it must remain. To that end, he has passed the guardianship of his clan onto the next generation, and made it his life’s goal to head northward, acquire the tools of the world that once existed there, and succeed where they have failed in driving back the cold.

Goals, Choices, Questions.

Throughout the campaign, Harlan aims to uncover the wonders of lost civilizations, including the miracles of steel and other forgemagiks.

Harlan seeks the source of the frost and the monsters that have plagued his village and society, traversing the frozen wastes in search of whatever altered the course of his people’s history centuries ago.

Harlan’s choice is: whether to find guidance in the Primal Forces that roam the wilds of the Frostfell, or turn to the Discipline and Knowledge of the lost world beneath the snowy wastes.

He will answer: Are the tools and Techniques of the ancients more powerful than the ferocity of the Frostfell?


Born to Lead

The Road to Victory

The Way of the Wild / The Soul of Steel

Harlan Ber'Garde

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