Richard Pell

Trained in magics of convenience over those of arcane might, he must adapt as he aims to seek out the ancient mysteries and distant threats he has learned of.


Richard is not the sort one expects to encounter on the rough trails between settlements, let alone striking out into the unknown, or even really comfortable outside during the colder seasons. Even under heavy robes to fight back the chill it’s obvious that Richard is on the scrawny side. Older than most adventurous types, his young green eyes are offset by a touch of grey in his short auburn hair and beard, possibly bleached by the stress of his apprenticeship, the cold, or just too many slightly off results in the laboratory.

Party Role

Whereas others might specialize in one task and be ‘deep’ in their talents, Pell’s talents are broad, if perhaps shallow. Master Demazza’s take on the arcane has placed upon him a plethora of spells useful in narrow positions, but also the intellect and understanding of the arcane that allows him to find unique applications of these cantrips and other simple spells. Play pell if you have an interest in applying magical solutions to the conundrums and perils encountered in a vast, overland trek and the new threats and obstacles encountered along the way.


After 25 years, when most demihumans of the waste have long since found their calling and settled in for the remainder of their days, Richard Pell is still barely scratching the surface of his chosen profession. An upstart youth of the stone city Stormbluff, born late to a leatherworker (and retired militia captain) and his wife, Richard’s teen years as a troublesome child were heftily curtailed when his apprenticeship to Vincent Demazza. Intending it only as a diversion at first, Richard’s initial reluctance to take interest in the study of the arcane, especially with Vincent’s limitations, grew to a keen interest as each year his inquisitive nature got him into new troubles, and sent back for Vincent to train.

The Archmage of Stormbluff proved a reserved teacher, holding that reliance on magic, and the irresponsible wielding of it, were equally responsible for the frost and the inability to contain it. As such, it was years before Richard, ever troublesome, was trusted with any actual arcane knowledge. Eventually, Vincent, or Master Demazza, entrusted Richard with a code, and began to teach him ways to help out the harsh daily lives of his community with simple arcane spells. Natural curiosity and a late blooming desire to help others bloomed from Pell’s droll studies, until he finally accepted the full time apprenticeship.

The cycle of studies changed recently, however, along with Demazza’s feelings for forbidden arts like evocation and necromancy. Richard returned to the tower one day to find Demazza floored by something he had seen in a powerful divination– And upon the apprentice’s insistence, shared a shard of the vision. In seeking to divine the source of the frost, and perhaps its duration, Vincent found something else, staring back at him. Convinced now that the frost is not merely an arcane event manifest in this world, but some effect of malevolence, he quickly sought to train Pell in the arts he had long since discouraged. Finally, arming him with an armload of trinkets, wands, baubles and, most importantly, two ‘spellbooks’, the aging Vincent sent Pell north, hoping that he can shed light on the nature of the Frost and it’s possibly devious origins.

Goals, Choices, Questions

Pell knows, in a way that no one else can, that there is something at the heart of the Frostfell’s expansion. The nature of it is a true mystery, and while he knows that ancient orders and magics are buried under the ice, it is their application to understanding this great mystery that intrigues him. But Pell has also grown to understand that within the Frost, there’s a strange law and order, the chill locking in possibilities and assisting in imposing control. In pursuing the mysteries of the North’s current state, Richard Pell must determine if the untapped powers of the ice and snow around him, or the knowledge of ancient empires that fell to it, will bring him closer to the answers his mentor has sent him to grasp.


Arcane Adaptation

Esoteric Arcana

The Icy Weave

Richard Pell

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