Bornal Disman

Having seen the silver tongue of evil, and a glimpse of something ancient and righteous, he pursues the barest hints of hope for a better world, free of the fiends he slays.


Bornal is unapologetically a half-orc, and like many of those with mixed blood from the Vale, has very pale, nearly white skin. An imposing 6’ 5” tall, his dark brown eyes and short brown hair are often overlooked, eclipsed by his large, unabashed tusks and long, flat forehead

Party Role

Bornal is a capable melee combatant and an mobile warrior. Instead of a stalwart defender or devastating slayer, Bornal assists his companions where he is needed. On the field of battle he may rush to shield vulnerable allies from enemies or bestow powerful blessings to all his companions, but off of it he may purge them of disease or ward them against the winter’s chill. Play Bornal if you want to leap to the rescue in the heat of combat or the heart of a blizzard.


Perhaps more than any other adventurer, Bornal has left the most behind in the Survivor’s Vale. Hailing from the small settlement of Morningfrost, buried in the shadow of the Vale’s southern walls, Bornal was indoctrinated into the The Dis, a brotherhood of holy warriors who defend Morningfrost from orcs, monsters, and the restless dead. Descended from another lost religious order, recruitment into The Dis was the only route allowed to a half-orc who wished to remain a part of Morningfrost’s society. Holy warriors tasked to watch over the refugees, the Dis’ creeds are for the protection of all good folk, regardless of their social standing or past transgressions. After centuries, the Dis gradually became almost entirely half-orc, but never stopped espousing their mantra of protection.

Bornal, like all the others of mixed blood, became part of the Dis rather than leave. Unlike many who saw the order as their inevitable place, Bornal found a vigor in his heart for the cause of the Dawn. It wasn’t solely for this, but also because he had seen, as The Thaw drew to a close, the greater dangers of restless dead and unholy entities of the frost. He knew the Dis were just a shadow, but the tenets of protection and the safety of his settlement were vital to him. Every morning the sun rising over the great cliffs to the east showed that light triumphed, and the Dis’ banners of a sunrise over snowfields filled him with the same warmth in his duty of assisting and protecting.

But Bornal’s devotion suffered. Finding that the restless dead of generations past beneath the city were becoming more troublesome, his investigations into other warrior’s faltered powers of light led him to the truth – The patron of the Order of the Dawn had long ago abandoned the order. While their tenets rang in public, the Order sought a new patron to infuse them with the power to protect the city – and found Vatun, a violent god of strife and conquest buried beneath the Vale. Bornal’s fellow warriors had turned their backs on the very tenets Bornal felt in his heart, for the sake of keeping their place in society from collapsing, and would drag his people to war to do so.

Righteous fury in his heart, Bornal did what came naturally; Once he saw the darkness in his colleague’s eyes, he decapitated the corrupt leadership of the Dis in a few short, angry strokes. Before anyone could argue, he made it clear to his people that the Dis could not be trusted, and pushed Morningfrost behind him, retracing the steps of the Exodus north, to strike out in search of the truth behind the Order of the Dawn.

Goals, Choices, Questions

As Harlan discovers more about the Order of the Dawn and the world beneath the ice, he must choose how the relationship with the unknown powers who have guided him north evolves. Is his Loyalty to The Order? To Good? Or does he refuse to choose, walking the middle line alongside his companions?





Bornal Disman

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