Jolan Treyart

An orphaned exiled from the The Dragon’s Tail, he an expert artisan and manipulator who journeys to learn the truth about his powers and past.


Jolan is a youth just short of his majority, equipped mostly with only the clothes on his back and a few hastily packed supplies as he fled from his home in search of true answers. The simple, hardy clothes of a tribal artisan, along with a smattering of the tattoos popular in the southwestern waste, round out his not quite handsome appearance and compliment his social guile… which, some might call manipulative. Too deep hazel eyes and too much auburn hair, a tangle of shoulder length and a scraggly beard make the smallish youth ever so slightly unsettling, even without the garishly out of place sword on his back, and the unusual smattering of trinkets he keeps on hand.

Party Role

Jolan is a Sorcerer, but is not a blaster. On the contrary, Enchantment is his primary focus, backed up by an almost inane collection of talents and techniques. His enchantments have a side effect of tangling up foes in unrealities, distracting them from the dangers of Jolan’s companions, while he himself assists them in mobility, and tosses the occasional swipe of his own bastard sword into the mix of combat. Play Jolan if you want to make creative use of an odd array of spells usable many times per day, supporting your allies… yet potentially, able to engineer terrifying melee strikes, powerful spell combinations and create or summon powerful arcane allies.


Jolan Treyart may have been another corpse in the Dragon’s Tail, save for that he had the good fortune to be taken in by the Key-Sah-Ri, a nomadic tribe eking out a living in those bleak snowfields. He grew up knowing his place as a single piece of the Tribe’s survival, with a knack for working with the clay beneath the ice of The Tail, and a talent for keeping his fellow children amused with simple tricks, aided by the ornate, exotic toys found with him as a child. As Jolan grew, he, like most in the Dragon’s Tail, also came to know monsters.

Jolan’s tribe had long been watched over by Horun, an owl-god. When he disappeared, the tribe endured the harshest winter of Jolan’s generation. Facing the worst weather any living Keysahri could remember, the tribe could offer nothing but veneration when a giant elk the color of the snow dragged the seemingly wound-less frozen carcass of a bison into their camp. It called itself the Courage of Winter, and asked only their veneration for it’s assistance.

Jolan was swept up in the windfall like everyone else, at first. A weekly feast. Preserved game almost daily. It brought them knowledge of crafting, as well. Jolan could pick up any tool, and seemed to know it’s purpose – and as soon as Courage brought them hammers and anvils, showed them to forge steel, his touch showed him that this knowledge would only find one use for his people – Weapons. Enough to arm every man and boy in the village. Then, Jolan began to unravel what had befallen his people. This was not a beneficent god, but a monster.

Their reliance upon him made them weak, exploitable, and this creature, already capable of great cats of magic, still needed something else – Manpower – to expand it’s influence. Rather than allow it victory, Treyart stood up to it. He grabbed a newly forged blade and threatened the beast with his sudden mastery, overwhelmed it it with misdirection, and barely had time to shout his warnings to his tribe. Shaking off his meager distraction, the beast grew angry, moved to charge him – And at the last moment, he and a tribesman leaping to his aid traded places, leaving the man to be trampled. Overwhelmed by this sudden exposure of arcane talents, the beast regained control of the tribe.

Branded as an outcast and driven from the Tribe for his sorcery, Jolan has pushed concern about the fate of his people and their false god to the side. As he gathered his things, the old toys and trinkets he had held onto for so long seemed out of place, and sensing a touch of magic about them, jammed them into his pack. Now, he wonders about these objects, his talents, where they come from, and if they are a line to trace into his past. All he knows is that the strange thorny amulet of unusual iron always seems to tug him northward…

Goals, Choices, Questions

Jolan ventures north to discover the truth about himself, his past, and the nature of magic. As he journeys, Jolan can choose to search out hidden denizens of the wilds and learn the oldest ways of magic, or delve into ancient techniques of the Crafts Wondrous and Forgemagiks. He is asked to unearth the true workings of magic in the world, or let himself be drawn into an ancient source of uncouth magic and manipulation. Beyond this, he seeks to scour the north, and determine truth behind the monsters of the frozen wastes like those who reign over The Dragon’s Tail, as well as the vile winter that drove humans to them.


Mastery of the Tools

Together now we stand, Thereafter hand in hand

Nation’s Order / Fair Folk’s Revelry

Jolan Treyart

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