Uryaen Caellae

Uryaen Caellae, Elven Pathfinder of the Highwood Vale


An unmatched pathfinder yet an impetuous youth among his race, he has hurried to answer a distant call to a new, wonderful homeland to the North.

Uryaen is a youth among his people, but his knowledge is ageless compared to any non-elf among the survivors of the exodus. He remembers the mean seasons before any of his companions were even born. He remembers the Thaw, and the other races attempts to farm on the surface during that warm decade. He remembers as a very young boy, the journey south, the great glistening boats that carried the elves Southern Continent, before the remnants of different kingdoms spread out to the reclusive sites of their new capitals, the last wave of refugees to settle the southern expanses.

Raised among the elves of Highwood, the last 50 years of Yaen’s life has been spent creating paths through the snow where none existed before, guiding caravans up and down the treacherous switchbacks to the Highwood, and blazing trails outward into the eastern wastes to found new settlements, where the ancient magics of his people built the secret farms which have fed much of the Vale, and driven reluctant trade with the other races. The eastern cliffs of the vale and the fields of snow beyond his home are places he knows intimately, but two human lifetimes of exposure to the natural world have given him a greater understanding of the frost that most humans of the Vale could imagine accruing.

In some ways he is seen as a rebel, but the subtleties are lost on non-elves. The almost alien nature of the society he has come from far outstrips any nuances of his elven politics.


Origin: Highwood Vale

The elves were, in many ways, the most reluctant of races to retreat to the south.

Uryaen Caellae

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