Calindy ReedGlen


Calindy was born in Three Trails, a broad area surrounding a major crossroads of the High Plains. Nestled between the human settled expanses, the elven trade road from the Spearwood, and the skilled, distrustful merchants of Stormbluff, Three Trails was a natural trading hub, and the Halflings which have settled in the crossroads vicinity have taken advantage of the fact.

Calindy might have fallen into the life of just another halfling merchant, struggling to make ends meet in the cutthroat trades of the Vale, making deals between reclusive hermits, warlords, and common folk trying to survive against the harsh weather as the inevitable frost came closer.

Instead, Calindy had the fortune of acquiring a book. Preserved in a waterproof leather case, the last valuable object of a washed up trapper, it contained the spark that would change Calindy’s life – Pages and Pages of Charcoal sketches of the world of the north as it once was. Towering human empires. Endless caverns of the Dwarven Holds. Elven cities built into the trees themselves.

Where the rest of the Vale seems mired in the Grim prospects of eventually freezing, Calindy found inside himself a grim determination. In the decade since the young merchant’s eye-opening experience, he has planned, prepared, and postulated with a singular goal: To uncover, understand, and may the gods help him, explore and restore the wonders of what he believes to be a world from long before the frost, and not the lost, imperfect dreams of a down on his luck fur trapper…


Easily overlooked, Calindy is of average size for a Halfling – Just over three feet tall. But while his stature may not be impressive, Calindy’s array of equipment usually is. Covered in tools and equipment, a mix of expensive, custom pouches and field-rigged harnesses, everything for handling any situation is within Calindy’s reach. An impossibly large array of gear rests on the halfling’s shoulders, but he almost never seems weighed down by the implements of his trade.

Party Role

A determined explorer seeking to discover what lies beneath the ice. With only a book full of charcoal sketches and years of training and preparation for the arduous journey, Calindy wields intellect as a blade, and preparation as a shield. He brings an almost endless font of athletic prowess and carefully researched knowledge to guide the party across the wastes. Play Calindy if you want to know what the party is facing at any moment, and be able to get to hard to reach places when the party desperately needs to be there.

Goals, Choices, Questions

Calindy knows that he wants to uncover the wondrous past of the ancient empires, buried beneath the ice. The danger, of course, is in becoming entangled with the people and places that came before. Calindy must choose whether to unearth the societies and factions of the old world who sought to preserve knowledge, or hone his own skills and rely on his personal talents to unearth that history for himself.


“I’ve trained for this.”

Expert Assistance

Packed to the Gills

Calindy ReedGlen

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