Bornal Disman – A Half-Orc Paladin, Forced into the service of his settlement’s religious knighthood to avoid being cast out for his mixed blood. A holy warrior, he was betrayed by his brothers and sisters in the ancient society he swore to uphold the tenets of, and disgusted set out to the north to uncover the truth of his lost patron, and a real solution to the ever increasing volumes of undead plaguing the waste.

Calindy ReedGlen – A Halfling Rogue inspired by visions of the great races finest accomplishments in the form of a charcoal sketchbook, Calindy strayed from the path of a merchant in order to learn, prepare, and train himself for a journey northward, to seek the truth and uncover the legendary structures and wonders he has seen. The last decade of his life has been spent in unending preperation, training, and study for this journey.

Harlan Ber’Garde – A Human Barbarian, defender of his nomadic clan, who has seen the worst of Affluence, Greed, and Apathy take root in the people of the Winter Dragon. He has seen that only a slow decline amongst those who have given up awaits here, and the only way his people can truly be freed is to find a way to push back the frost – An impossible task he believes can only be completed by facing it head on.

Jolan Treyart – A Human Sorcerer, orphaned in the snows yet lucky enough to be brought in by a tribe in the Dragon’s Tail. A master artisan for his tribe, he dared to stand up for the old ways when a beast from the icy wastes sought to turn his tribe into his own personal army. Exiled, he now searches north for a better way for societies to function, bolstered by natural magic or the laws of the one-great human empires.

Lianna Rimedaughter – A Human Cleric, Follower of the Winter Goddess Hleid. Born in the souther plains called The Harsh, Lianna has been touched by the divine her whole life. The death of her parents shook her, but she believes that the broken shards of Hleid’s divinity hold the answers for ending winter, and possibly answering questions about her own orgins.

Nicholas Ratain – A Half-Elf Bard unaccepted by any of the Southern Scar’s introverted societies for his unusual features and ability to trick right-minded men, Nicholas is a collector of stories in search of a place in the frozen hellscape of the Frostfell – Even if it is only a collection of eccentric wanderers like himself with great goals and great stories.

Naidora Brightcedar – A Human Druid, frightened into the veneration of Auril, locked in struggle with the cruel ice that she reveres. She seeks an answer and balance, looking to the north and the source of the frost for an answer on the nature of The Wylding – The sudden, feral change that overtakes all animals left too long in the strange cold gripping her world.

Nora Origret – A Dwarven Fighter, Nora Origret, Steelmaiden of Deepwall, is a champion of her people. She slays any attempted intrusion into the newfound lands of her people. Yet something else calls Nora northward, the very earth whispering to her of the strange activity beneath the feet of others – A warning that the world’s veins themselves are slowly freezing under the spreading influence of the unending winters above.

Richard Pell – A Human Wizard, apprentice to a once mighty wizard who had deemed his arcane power of evocation too dangerous to entrust to any other. His mind was changed suddenly when a divination showed him a bleak future, and entrusting Richard with a heavy, runed spellbook, sent him off to study and find a way to stall a magical catastrophe.

Uryaen Caellae – An Elven Ranger, He has spent his life guarding caravans and guiding others through the wastes, learning the craft of the wood and helping the elven nation take root. Despite his ‘youth’, he may have been born before the ancestors of lesser races even came to the south. As a sign of his impetuousness, he has decided for himself to answer The Call, seeking out the glorious new elven nation to the north now, while his people spend years in debate.


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