Classes in the Frostfell

The Frostfell is a place somewhat different than your typical fantasy world, such as Faerun or Eberron. It is a harsher place, and more than that, this is a world long ravaged by a meteorological affliction. Some of the things we take for granted about fighters and clerics might be different in such a world, as the information below will hopefully clarify.


Barbarians in the Frostfell are the fighters of the tribal world. They are a step above the loosely trained warriors of the tribe or community, and paragons of martial prowess in their communities. Their connection to the natural world and the animal ferocity in their rages are a survival tool that the community, in times of trouble, may have to rely on. Barbarians in the Frostfell are tribal champions, fierce warlords, and savage survivalists.

Harlan Ber’Garde is a Barbarian


Skalds are more often Experts than bards, but some exceptional lorekeepers who follow specific arcane traditions transcend the notion of a commoner with lots of knowledge:local and perform ranks. The stereotype of the wandering skald does have it’s place in the post-frost communities, but they are as often tasked with carrying news through the harsh distances between remote villages instead of performing for entertainment – Yet, many wandering minstrel types are also distrusted, for their refusal to settle down, and the inherent xenophobia of Frostfell communities.

Nicholas Ratain is a Bard


Perhaps one of the rarest classes in the Frostfell, Clerics and Adepts are both uncommon where the only pantheons are frightening, dangerous deities to whom you pray to appease so much as receive blessings from. Clerics of the distant neutral or even evil deities of the Frostfell are more common than protective priests who aid the people with their blessings, but even a devoted follower of an evil deity might be seeking power to better their tribe or village. No matter the source of their power, Clerics are one of the classes best equipped to combat the perils of the Frost with the magic of the Divine.

Lianna Rimedaughter is a Cleric


Perhaps slightly more common in the Frostfell where interaction with the natural world is more inevitable, Druids often take the roles Adepts would fill in other worlds. On the other hand, a Druid’s spell selection is often very different, as the powers of Nature of Deities they worship have little interest in counteracting the cold of the snow, expecting their devotees to be strong enough to survive without their aid. As such, Fire spells are rare among Druids, and almost completely unknown among worshipers of Auril, Telchur or Iborighu.

Naidora Brightcedar is a Druid


p.Because formal militaries have become almost non-existent in the tribal societies of the Frostfell, fighters with a formal, disciplined education are rare in the wastes. Much like wizards, fighters often begin their lives as apprentices or squires to established members of the profession, learning the craft from their mentor. Most are mercenaries these days, a strange sense of not quite honor, but pride in their martial tradition meaning more to them than right or wrong. If there is any exception, it is among the dwarves of Westwall, who have in no way put their tradition of martial prowess behind them. these fighters are among the most skilled combatants in the entire Vale, and their superior weapons only add to that edge.

Nora Origret is a Fighter


Holy warriors exist among the Frostfell, albeit perhaps not quite the armor clad knights they once were in the north. A few quiet orders of Paladins exist, but they are more likely swathed in hide and carrying primitive, but no less effective weapons. The sources of their powers are more diverse and often mysterious in the wastes, but some orders have found new life in the deities of the Frost.

Bornal Disman is a Paladin


Common both among the savage tribes and those of the great races, Rangers may be trained by their elders, taught from birth, or trained by specialist woodmen of more developed races. Their utility in the Frostfell is without peer, for both hunting game, securing food, and finding one’s way across the wastes. Rangers can survive on their own skills where others can’t, or can do so only with the aid of magic. Few of them revere the distant deities of the ice, instead living at one with, or learning to conquer, the natural world around them.

Uryaen Caellae is a Ranger


Wherever civilization goes, pickpockets, cutpurses, con-men and tricksters will follow. The talents of a rogue in the Frostfell tend to lean towards manipulation and mobility more than any mechanical aptitude. Clever hunters, entrepreneurs, thugs and highwaymen are all rogues in the Frostfell, scoundrels and experts who are capable of adapting quickly as the world around them changes.

Calindy ReedGlen is a Rogue


The xenophobia of most Frostfell societies makes trouble for the esoteric sorcerers and their innate magical talents. What people with a limited exposure to the larger world do not understand, they often come to distrust, dislike, or even revile. Nowhere is this more true than for sorcerers. So rarely do they live long, when a tribe or settlement can so easily exile someone for their strange and dangerous talents. When they do find a way on their own, most Sorcerers are bitter, eventually turning their magic on the societies that rejected them and in turn supporting the stereotype that earned them the fear of their homes in the first place.

Jolan Treyart is a Sorcerer


Cold, remote places in the world have always drawn the interest of reclusive arcanists. If anything, these wizards are only grumpier as many of their once secretive towers or strongholds have become focal points for the settlements of great races fleeing the oncoming frost. Tribes have little use for bookish sages, although some do live among more primitive societies, their spells earning them respect due warriors and the like. Most however have found reclusive corners to continue their research in out of the way structures or tucked into the heart of larger settlements. Without the threat of large war, and the harsh climes, many arcanists focus on useful universal spells than the typical tools of the adventuring wizard’s spellbook.

Richard Pell is a Wizard


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