Frostfell Deities.


Hleid appeared before the people of the south offering them a path to peace with the icy world they had come to inhabit – And an eerie silence on the nature of the northern wastes, as if she had no desire to acknowledge the Frostfell’s existence. She was for a time one of the safest of the polar gods to venerate, a patron of the arctic animals and a protector of cold magic, willing to at least tolerate the warm-lived races in her snowy realm despite her unabashed favoritism of the Animals and Fey of the Ice.

But all of that would change, during the thaw. Chaos, Death, and War – Iborighu, Hleid’s tainted half-brother, saw the races taking advantage of her kindness, and sought to wrest the secrets of divine ice from Hleid’s own portfolio. Iborighu struck suddenly and without warning, attempting to assassinate his sibling for her knowledge of the ice’s divine power.

For half a century, it seemed that Iborighu had taken all he wanted. But as the thaw came to a close and the temperatures once again dropped, Hleid returned. No longer bearing the patience and reluctant kindness of her former aspect, the new face of Hleid bore a bitter and vengeful streak – Never again, she promised her most devout, would any treat her with Cruelty and Wickedness, lest they receive her own tenfold. To this day, her followers still seek the remaining pieces of Hlied’s divine soul that fell to the world below, in hopes that the compassion of their ancient lady can be returned to her, and her Half-Brother dealt with justly, instead of destroyed in vengeance.


Wicked, Fickle, and dangerous, Auril is the goddess of the Cruelty of Ice. Worshiped out of fear, or by those who respect the deadly indifference of the natural (and unnatural) Frostfell. Auril is a God for those who have given up on a better life and wish only to survive the harsh reality of the snow – or are on the path to overcoming it. Auril enjoys tormenting her enemies, seeking to bury the world in frost. Her worshipers often ally with Iborighu, yet such alliances always end with one group trying to turn the tables suddenly and lash out at the other.


Once imprisoned in ice at the hands of his brooding enemy Telchur, Vatun, a vengeful deity of war, chaos, and strength, was discovered by an order of warriors bent on restoring themselves to power. Vatun’s influence is not great yet, but he will have little trouble finding war and raiding among the Vale’s nomadic societies.


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