Jolan Treyart

Short Description

An orphaned exiled from the The Dragon’s Tail, Jolan is an expert artisan and manipulator who seeks to know the truth about his powers and past.


Treyart grew up, an orphan on the snows taken in by one of the nomad tribes of the Dragon’s Tail, The Key-sah-ri. As he grew up, his knack for crafts and entertaining his peers earned him a respected place. His tribe, like most, revered one of the Small Gods, beasts that the tribes made mutual pacts with toward better living.

All of Jolan’s life his tribe worshipped the Owl-God Horun. The winter he vanished became the coldest Jolan’s generation had ever seen. At the worst of it, a great elk the color of snow walked in from the wastes with a frozen bison, calling itself the Courage of Winter and offering to save the Tribe.

The whole tribe, Jolan included, was swept up as it produced food, goods and game. Then things changed. The elders began to let this god make Decisions. It’s word became law. And slowly, Jolan watched it become Tyranny, the society he loved ruined. When the beast brought hammers and anvils, the mystery of Steel, Jolan’s talent for craft, to know a craft by it’s tools, showed him that these were to forge weapons. to arm his people. To give the creature an Army.

Rather than allow it victory, Treyart stood up to it. With a blade forged to drag the tribe into war, he tried to rise up against it, his arcane powers blooming in the attempt – But the creature had his tribe in it’s iron grip, and he could not defeat or discredit it. With it’s pull in the Tribe, it forced him to exile.

After gathering what he could, Jolan set out. At first lost, he remembered stories aroudn the campfire… Of something old. The places Humans once lived. The north was a deathtrap to most, but after seeing what a monster of winter had done to his home, he saw it differently.

Jolan saw that somewhere to the north, there might be a better way. He just didn’t know if it would be found in Magic, the strange power that that coursed through him, or, if there is some greater ‘magic’ in the very fabric of the societies that once existed far to the north and in the past. Besides, one of the ‘trinkets’ he has kept from before his founding, an odd leaf-like amulet of green metal, also seems eager to pull him towards the frost, and the thought of clues to his past makes him itch for adventure.


Jolan is a youth just short of his majority, equipped mostly with only the clothes on his back and a few hastily packed supplies as he fled from his home in search of true answers. The simple, hardy clothes of a tribal artisan, along with a smattering of the tattoos popular in the southwestern waste, round out his not quite handsome appearance and compliment his social guile… which, some might call manipulative. Too deep hazel eyes and too much auburn hair, a tangle of shoulder length and a scraggly beard make the smallish youth ever so slightly unsettling, even without the garishly out of place sword on his back.

Party Role

Jolan is a Sorcerer, but is not a blaster. On the contrary, Enchantment is his primary focus, backed up by an almost inane collection of talents and techniques. His enchantments have a side effect of tangling up foes in unrealities, distracting them from the dangers of Jolan’s companions, while he himself assists them in mobility, and tosses the occasional swipe of his own bastard sword into the mix of combat. Play Jolan if you want to make creative use of an odd array of spells usable many times per day, supporting your allies… yet potentially, able to engineer terrifying melee strikes, powerful spell combinations and create or summon powerful arcane allies.

Goals, Choices, Questions

Jolan ventures north to discover the truth about himself, his past, and the nature of magic. As he journeys, Jolan can choose to search out hidden denizens of the wilds and learn the oldest ways of magic, or delve into ancient techniques of the Crafts Wondrous and Forgemagiks. He is asked to unearth the true workings of magic in the world, or let himself be drawn into an ancient source of uncouth magic and manipulation. Beyond this, he seeks to scour the north, and determine truth behind the monsters of the frozen wastes like those who reign over The Dragon’s Tail, as well as the vile winter that drove humans to them.


Mastery of the Tools

Together now we stand, Thereafter hand in hand

Nation’s Order / Fair Folk’s Revelry

Jolan Treyart

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