Magic Items

As the party receives Magic Items, they will be placed here as to be found or looked up easily. A few examples are here to demonstrate what these write-ups will look like.

Ioun Stone, Apple Red (Heartwarming)
Price: ??? gp
Body Slot: None
Aura: Strong (12-20) Abjuration (DC 21)
Activation: Move (Manipulation)
This stone leaves a faint trail of steam through the air as it circles it’s wearers head, and instills in them a strong inner warmth, as if they had just finished a strenuous exercise or imbibed a hot drink. This warmth grants a +5 circumstance bonus on checks to avoid damage in cold conditions, and offers one level of cold protection.

Elk Horn Wand
Price: ??? gp
Body Slot: None
Aura: Faint (1-6) Evocation (DC 16)
Activation: Standard (Manipulation)

Wand of Prey’s Blood
Price: ??? gp
Body Slot: None
Aura: Faint (1-5) Conjuration (DC 15)
Activation: Standard (Command)
This thick, carved wand is made from heavy wood. The symbols of nature on the side are crude depictions of prey animals, and the entire wand is deep, deep red and ever so slightly tacky to the touch. Any divine caster may use the wand of Prey’s Blood. The wand can cast Lesser Vigor up to two times per day, but must be recharged by fully soaking it in the blood of an animal with at least one HD for an hour. The two charges regained have a caster level equal to the deceased animal’s hit dice.

Prey-Hunting Longbow
Price: ??? gp
Body Slot: None (Weapon)
Aura: Moderate (6-11) Transmutation (DC 19)
Activation: -
‘ This longbow is a solid piece of wood tipped in animal bone, with scraps of fur, feather and bone decorating it’s entire length. The Prey-Hunting Longbow acts as a Bane weapon (Gaining a +2 enhancement bonus and dealing +2d6 damage) against certain creatures that hunters often encounter. This is generally assumed to be small or medium animals with relatively few hit dice. It does not have an inherent +1 enhancement bonus.

Staff of Winter’s Blessing
Price: ??? gp
Body Slot: None
Aura: Moderate (6-11) Evocation (DC 19)
Activation:As spell used

Quill of Scribing

Greater Spellshard

Spellguard Ring

Everlasting Rations

Pouch of Powdered Silver

Magic Items

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