Uryaen Caellae

A rebellious young elf, Uryaen has still forgotten more about the past hundred years than most of his companions ever knew. He walks a tightrope between the natural and arcane worlds of elvenkind, but as he seeks to answer The Call from the north all elves have heard, he is still the best expert on natural perils anyone going north could hope for.


Uryaen is a youth among his people, but his knowledge is ageless compared to any non-elf among the survivors of the exodus. He remembers the mean seasons before any of his companions were even born. He remembers the Thaw, and the other races attempts to farm on the surface during that warm decade. He remembers as a very young boy, the journey south, the great glistening boats that carried the elves to the Southern Continent, before the remnants of different kingdoms spread out to the reclusive sites of their new capitals, the last wave of refugees to settle the southern expanses. He remembers watching his peers and the masters they were to be apprenticed to since before birth dabble in the magics that let the Elves farm in the harshest snows of southern winters.

Raised among the elves of Highwood, the last 50 years of Yaen’s life has been spent creating paths through the snow where none existed before, guiding caravans up and down the treacherous switchbacks to the Highwood, and blazing trails outward into the eastern wastes to found new settlements. His work has allowed the ancient magics of his people to build the secret farms which have fed much of the Vale, and also driven reluctant trade with the other races. The eastern cliffs of the vale and the fields of snow beyond his home are places he knows intimately, but two human lifetimes of exposure to the natural world have given him a greater understanding of the frost that most humans of the Vale could imagine accruing. It has arguably come at the cost of a typical elf’s working knowledge of the arcane arts, a field Uryaen thinks his dabbling in has fitted him well for, even if he truly knows very little.

In some ways he is seen as a rebel, but the subtleties are lost on non-elves. The almost alien nature of the society he has come from far outstrips any nuances of his elven politics. Uryaen’s most significant act of non-conformity, however, has been his response to The Call. While other elves have retreated to the safety of the Highwood’s elven enclaves to debate their reaction, Uryaen has set his heart into the promise of a greater society, a return to the north that the rest of his people have complacently accepted their exodus from. Just as he yearns to test himself against more than the same, common roads of the Vale, he seeks answers about the call, to know the truth behind and meet the elves who have blazed a path to their ancestral northlands and dared to create a new world.


Uryaen is to outsiders, a typical elf, while others might see him as a bit of a runt, lacking some of the traditional elven beauty. Waifish and a little otherworldly, he has eerie green eyes and long brown hair, along with a short, wiry build. His clothes bear the unmistakable leaf motif of elvencraft, his weapons are finely honed and almost frail looking, and some of his equipment are strange elven innovations in alchemy and woodscraft, from antitoxins and armor insulating paste to a composite bow and snowshoes. Despite his apparent weakness, the elf has proven he is tough enough to travel out in the wastes, but moves with an uncanny grace most humans might find off putting.

Party Role

Uryaen is the undisputed master of survival and avoiding the hazardous terrain of the Frostfell. He can trailblaze, find tracks, identify hazards and beasts, and is the single most capable individual when it comes to getting along in the wilds, be they southern snowfields or northern glaciers. In addition, Uryaen is a warrior, whether he pursues the paths of archery, two-weapon fighting, or even at times the arcane arts. More mobile than a fighter, more deadly than a paladin, and tougher than a rogue, Uryaen is as adaptable in combat as he is on the ice. Perhaps more than anything, Uryaen’s knowledge of Elven and his motivation make him a powerful addition to the party. Play Uryaen if you want to dabble in all forms of martial combat, save the day when the world outside gets tough, and still bring exclusive knowledge and outlook to the party in their journey north.

Goals, Choices, Questions

Uryaen is torn between the ‘grown up’ world of the Vale’s reclusive elves, his own adventurous spirit and, some might say, the influence of lesser races. He has the love of the woodlands and a respect for the natural woodland of all elves, as well as great arcane potential… Yet, he refuses to accept the long paths that lead to these places under the tutelage of old elven masters. His inherent acceptance and relative lack of knowledge of the Arcane stands threatens to burn him, as he assumes his knowledge of magic outstrips his practical experience with it. Eventually, if he manages to discover the source of the call, he will have to choose how he reconciles his elven nature, and the nature of Magic as it is being used in the great north.


Learn or Die

Ruthless to Routine

The Elven Ways

Embrace Heritage / Reject heritage

Uryaen Caellae

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