Dreams of Ice And Madness

Madness Spreads as Winter Grows,

Forests withered, Oceans Froze,

Centuries gone Cold and Dead,

The hand of a Dark God felt with Dread…

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Dreams of Ice and Madness is a campaign about, very specifically, two things.

First, it is about a Journey. A journey which will take the hardy survivors of a planet caught in the grasp of a horrible, endless winter through the past of their stricken world, and possibly even to the source of it’s affliction. Yet we all know, Sane people don’t just wake up and journey away from their fires and fur-lined huts one day; Each has one or more reasons to brave the Frostfell and ever decreasing temperatures as they travel away from the southern pole. Then again, one never guaranteed these adventurers were sane…

Secondly, it is a campaign about Choices. If things go as planned, each game should bring a major choice for one or more characters – It may be a choice between two mutually exclusive goals such as wealth or power, or as abstract as a choice between the world of the survivors they hail from, or the strange mysteries hidden in the Frostfell’s glacial expanses.

Beyond these two factors, is it a game of challenges. Without the bastions of great cities, the support of many NPC allies, a lack of temples to seek divine favors or even just a warm inn to relax in at the end of the day, Survival is far from Guaranteed. The safety net of Civilization has fallen away from these adventurers, who must rely only on themselves and maybe the rare base camp to survive in the harsh wilds of the Frostfell.



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Dreams of Ice and Madness

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